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Mission Statement

The Foundation focuses its principal activity toward providing capital funds for the construction or renovation of facilities of tax-exempt organizations within San Francisco. The grants are primarily directed toward the fields of education, health, social services and cultural institutions.


The Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of educational opportunities; easing the hardships that are suffered by the handicapped and aged; assisting in the delivery of physical and mental health services; and enhancing the public’s enjoyment of the arts.

Grant Eligibility

The Foundation makes grants to organizations that are exempt from Federal tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the internal Revenue Code and are not classified as private foundations under Section 509(a)(9) of the Code.

Program Limitations

Grants are made primarily for the acquisition, construction, improvement or renovation of facilities that are directly committed to a charitable use associated with the Foundation’s purpose.

The Foundation does not generally provide support for:

  • Grants to individuals, conferences, travel costs, or loans
  • Environmental and open space issues
  • Debt retirement or deficits
  • Organizations in support of activities to influence legislation
  • Other private foundations