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Serving San Francisco's Rich Heritage and Culture

The Herbst Foundation was founded in 1961 by Herman and Maurice Herbst, as part of their estate plan.

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Helping San Francisco Schools and Universities

The Herbst Foundation seeks to improve upon educational opportunities for future generations.

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Easing the Hardship of the Handicapped and Aged

The Foundation works to relieve the burden placed upon senior citizens and individuals with special needs.

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Enhancing Public Enjoyment of Arts and Culture

We build upon San Francisco's reputation as an international landmark for local residents and travelers alike.

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Providing Funding For Tax-Exempt Organizations

We support quality educations, health, social and cultural services throughout San Francisco.

Our Mission

The Foundation focuses its principal activity toward providing capital funds for the construction or renovation of facilities of tax-exempt organizations within San Francisco. The grants are primarily directed toward the fields of education, health, social services and cultural institutions.

Our Founders

Herman and Maurice Herbst arrived in San Francisco along with their parents and siblings at the beginning of the 20th century. Their father had formerly owned a grocery store in Ventura County. Along with a partner, he opened the Herbst Manufacturing Company which was a sheet metal and copper works business.

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